Embassy Visit


Today we drove from Montreal to Ottawa for our required visit to the Finnish Embassy. As legal residents of Canada, we were allowed to go to the embassy in Canada which is by far the closest for us. The embassy is tiny, and I guess I’ve never been to an embassy before so I didn’t know what to expect. Instead of being a separate building, it was an office in a large downtown building. There were no security checks, but we did have to get buzzed into the office, and then all transactions took place behind glass.

Overall the visit went smoothly, but if you apply with a spouse, you must pay in person. And if you pay in person you can’t pay by credit card but only by money order, certified check or cash. Thank goodness for a cash advance on our credit card. That combined with our debit card limit was enough. Tim also had to get an envelope with tracking on it instead of just a regular envelope for the return documents. We did successfully bring the right passport photos and remembered all of our other paperwork (Tim’s diplomas, job offer letter, passports), and provided our fingerprints. Of course there was one problem that still needs to be resolved…our marriage certificate needs to be legalized for Finland. I read that a marriage certificate in English, Finnish, or Swedish would be acceptable, but I guess not. Of course, since we were conveniently at the embassy in Canada, she couldn’t do it for us because we got married in the US. The staff person explained that they had to verify marriage certificates because they come from all over the place. IDK, but ug, more hoops! On my list for tomorrow (before the weekend!) is to call the embassy in the US to figure out how to authenticate our marriage certificate. Hopefully by mail!

Did you know Mayflower and United are one in the same moving company? You do now! I have an appointment for Monday to have a local mover who works with these companies to come and give me an estimate for our stuff. Early July is a big moving time in Quebec, so I am happy that this is finally moving forward. Note for next time: preferred method of contact for movers? Phone. Don’t bother with those online forms!