Residency Cards!


We got the email last week that our residency cards were available for pick up at the Finland Embassy in Ottawa and made an appointment to drive out there on Monday to pick them up. A four+ hour round trip drive for a 2 minute office visit was totally worth it. Now we don’t have to worry about where they are being sent and when they might arrive. These should replace any additional paperwork that we would have had to bring with us to immigration when we land in Finland which is really nice. Of course we both double checked our wallets about 3 or 4 times before leaving Ottawa that we weren’t leaving them anywhere. Also in Ottawa, we stopped at my favorite food truck in Dundonald Park. We each had a Masala Dosa with a fried lentil donut from Dosa, Inc. Soooooo goooood!


I spent a good part of today cleaning out the kitchen. I hate throwing away food, but what else can you do with 1/5 of a bag of freezer-burned frozen peas? I also cleaned out my spices too, which was hard but I had to admit that many of them were pretty old and stale. Most of what is left will be eaten (hopefully!) or I will take with me to Colorado to wind up in a to-be-eaten rotation. I don’t want to store any food for a year. Even sealed up in a dry basement – it just seems wrong.

I am having trouble getting motivated to do some more packing. How many boxes of stuff do you think you have? Or the more important questions (from a moving company point of view), how much does all your stuff weigh?