Paperwork and Purging


I was watching some Scandal while I was going through some paperwork last night and could have died when Olivia Pope decides to move and of course, even her packing looks perfect. There isn’t anything out of place and no piles of “keep”, “donate”, or “sell”. She does have one open box with some perfect throw pillows peeping out, which I guess counts for “messy”.

Tim and I did a huge purge when we moved to Canada from Indiana, but things accumulate and it is time to go through things again. I had binders full of print outs with recipes or patterns for quilts and other craft projects. I think I have successfully transferred most of those to pinterest that I could find online. I did have to type out a few recipes and add them to my google drive. I also had some quilt patterns from magazines that I scanned and added to my drive as well. I have a few other files that I will shred right before we leave too. Even if you aren’t thinking about moving in the next 5 years, start with your old files! When we left Indiana, I couldn’t believe that I still had bill stubs and bank statements from 5 or 7 years ago. Even if you are moving across the world, it is time to get out the shredder, people. Next up, my closet.

On the paperwork front, Tim was able to send our marriage certificate to the Secretary of State’s office in Texas while he was in Indiana to get our Apostille. Included in the package is a return envelope with a US stamp that will make it here to Canada. They promise a return of 10 business days, so fingers crossed.

On the apartment front, we have renters for our apartment here in MTL, and have had ongoing communications with the Finnish couple who we are subletting the apartment from. They are meeting with their landlady on Monday and we will know more then. They aren’t expecting any problems, just wanted to make sure everything is legit. We have a few things to sell to the new tenants moving in here, and our current landlords are going to buy our appliances from us, so that is good news too.

Next up, once the purging is done the packing begins! Ug.