Let the Packing Begin!


Packing is the worst. The. Worst. I am a highly organized person. I love lists, I love knowing where things are and when to do what. I am an event planner and normally logistics don’t faze me. But packing knowing that I won’t have access to what I am taping into boxes is giving me an organizational headache. Will I need this in the next three weeks? Will I need this in the next year? Ug.

Apparently, I don’t need to do an itemized inventory to move back to the US that I had to do when we packed to move to Canada, but thinking about the logistics of storage, I am still trying to keep a list of what goes in what box. And all this organizing and list making is slowing me down. Three tiny, fast-moving weeks until I hit the road? At least I started, right?

We just found out that our sublease in Finland now won’t be available until August 1, so we are trying to figure out another option for July. It is possible I won’t go to Finland until August depending on the living arrangement that we figure out for Tim (who needs to be there and working in July). The couple we are subleasing from originally said it would be available in late July, but he had to push his dissertation defense back due to issues at the university and if there is any one who can understand that complication it is us for sure.

Still no word on our Apostille for our marriage certificate, but I checked our checking account today and the Texas Secretary of State office cashed our check, so I am hoping the documents are on their way here soon. And still no word from the Finnish Embassy on our residency paperwork. My fingers are crossed that this all comes together in the next few weeks.

We are still trying to figure out what to do with our car…sell it? Store it? As my home base will be at my parent’s house for most of July, my parents are helping with some homework on that front. I am super grateful for their help! My dad is adding up numbers for car registration, insurance and storage while my mom is going to make a vet appointment for Loki that we can go to together before I leave him behind for Finland.

The rest of the week is more packing and purging. There is a goodwill drop off center down the street from me, and I’ve been twice already. I also need to start calling our utilities with our cut off date.